The Car Cap™ covers and protects the top portion of your car and around the windows to keep out damaging heat and sunlight that destroys the interior of cars.

"You wouldn't play golf without a golf cap
so why would you leave your car in the sun without a Car Cap?"

  • 98.5% UV and Sunlight Protection
  • Keep cool when it's hot
  • A world first multi-purpose storage tube that
    also functions as a security device
  • Your car temperature can reach up to 300 degrees
  • Fits in under 60 seconds without bending over
  • Easy on easy off

No more HOT cars!

100% Full Money Back Guarantee

Special "WHITE" High Reflective UV & Sun Protective Material.

No Hooks - Straps - Ties are needed to affix to car

Theft Proof Design

World first patent car cap tube container

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